None of your excuses!

Another day in the blogging university – Day Eleven: Use a Writing Prompt

NONE is the daily prompt. I looked up the various meanings in the dictionary and came across this phrase:

None of your excuses!

This phrase fits perfect to my post from yesterday. When there’s change or uncertainty, we tend to see concerns, risks and good reasons to resist change.

But in most cases this only prevents us from seizing a chance. So stop complaining. Here are some very easy ideas to join the future of work:

  • Leverage flexible working hours. Run an hour over noon, leave earlier to have dinner with the family, enjoy a quite morning in a cafe, … If needed you still can catch up on email in the evening.
  • Analyze all the tasks you did today? What can be automated?
  • Watch the video (German)

Maybe you got other ideas? Leave a comment!

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