From arenas to pirates…

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I wasn’t happy with the design and title of my blog. The title „New work arena“ was very vague. And it didn’t describe me very well. Last week I spent a week at a beautiful beach in Croatia and read a book about startups. It contained a famous quote:

„It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.“ – Steve Jobs

This reminded me about my personal case clinic a few weeks ago. I’m a pirate! Why?

  • Like pirates sailed to new and unknown territories I like to look for new markets and solutions to business problems.
  • Like pirates I challenge the status quo and traditional ways of running companies.
  • Like pirates I might be perceived as unconventional and sometimes a bit weird. Although I don’t wear an eye patch and peg-leg 😉
  • Like pirates I’m not the guy with the biggest power, but a lot of enthusiasm and energy.
  • Like pirates I love to travel – especially to the sea.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t endorse robbery and violence. It is more about the original meaning of the word pirate. According to Wikipedia the word originates from the greek words πειρᾶν peiran „to attempt, to venture, to explore“ and πεĩρα peira „venture, attack“. Wikipedia also links to a quite nice article about piracy and entrepreneurship.

So finally I found the right headline for my personal blog and me. I’ll also rework the categories and get into a more stable rhythm of publishing posts. More about this later this week.

Sails are set. Are you on board?


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