Treasure #6 – #flow, #teamwork, #rebels

Treasuretime! Nugget #1 is a great talk by Henrik Kniberg about one of my favorite topics: flow. His presentation style and LEGO simulation of flow and cost of delay is awesome. Watch yourself (44 mins):

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Nugget #2 is about teamwork. Planet Wissen, a German TV documentation shows an experiment with a team of strangers in an escape room, a team of doctors in an emergency simulation and lot’s of theory and practical advice about team dynamics (1 hour, German):

Nugget #3 has been shared with me by Mario. Tanmay Vora sketched a blog post about corporate rebels. Must read for all rebels and pirates:

Have a nice weekend!



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  1. Beim stöbern entdeckt. Den Talk von Henrik Kniberg kannte ich noch nicht. Finde diesen aber noch immer aktuell. Danke!

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