Treasure 11 – Education, Agile, People management

My favorite nugget this week comes from Dr. Christoph Schmitt. He wrote an epic post about the future of education. Schmitt formulates 9 theses how kids and students will learn in the digital future. Looking at the comments there’s a big opposition and only a few supporters. I can’t wait to see this future happen!
Bildung in der digitalen Zukunft: Jetzt wird’s ganz konkret! (5 mins, text, German)

Nugget #2 comes from Tom Dahlström, who I featured in an earlier treasure already. He wrote a nice post about Agile and the religious debate what is the right way of doing Agile. He hits the nail on the head, that these tools are evolving and the context determines what set of tools needs to be used (even non-agile ones):
How Agile vs. Non-Agile Misses the Point  (5 mins, text, English)

Nugget #3 is an interesting insight into Google’s project Oxygen, which identified what successful managers at Google do. I shared Google’s re:work portal earlier on a blog, which makes some of their people leader practices public. I’m still a bit mixed and would like to have more details on the manager assessment they performed. There’s a big emphasis around feedback and empowerment, which I like. My favorite quote from this video: „Management is part science and part art“ (60 mins, video, English)

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Have a nice weekend! I’ll start my 2 week vacation. No worries, I have some nuggets queued, so you can continue treasure hunting 😉

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