Treasure 13 – Physics of the future

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Today’s treasure only contains one nugget. But it is a heavy one and with 600+ pages a long read (several hours/days). It is a book from the famous physician Michio Kaku.

The book is called Physics of the future. I read the German version „Die Physik der Zukunft“. Kaku shares his vision of our life until the end of the actual century. It is not a pure crystal ball view. Most of his predictions are based on research of the worlds most famous faculties and laboratories. In every chapter he describes the near future until 2030, further out until 2070 and then far out until 2100.

The book is really interesting to read and the future he paints is a positive future. I found many exciting technologies that will completely change our life. Although basic research is ongoing for a while, I haven’t heard about it. One example is programmable matter a.k.a. Claytronics. In a few years I can completely remodel my apartment by just a download. My wife will love it 😉 The other example is the use of nanotechnology to detect and attack cancer. I shared a TED talk on this in an earlier treasure. He also shares some perspectives that I find scary. Machines and robots will supersede us. Also we might stop and even revert aging.

There are a few areas, where the book falls short. Block chain and the associated crypto currencies are not covered at all. The book touches virtual reality, but I would have expected a bit more depth on this. Where it really fell short is the future of wealth and economy. Maybe it is because the topic doesn’t fall into the field of physics or it is one of the last chapters. Recommendations for a book that goes deeper on this topic are welcome.

In summary it is really an interesting read and I gave it 4* on Goodreads.


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