Treasure 17 – Remote work, team work

Welcome back pirates and pirate fans. I’m still suffering from a sore throat, so writing is the perfect activity to recover. This treasure is focusing on team work – non-remote and remote. These three nuggets from my treasure hunt fit very well together. I hope you forgive me for a text-only treasure 🙂

Nugget #1 is an answer to all skeptics of remote work. If the benefits I listed in What has remote working to do with ski touring? didn’t convince you, how about this one: scaling your business. This is what Adam Schwartz did with his company Articulate in a pure remote fashion. He also describes, why remote working results in better collaboration. You have to architect it in a way that works. And don’t take it for granted as in many non-remote organizations:
Remote Work Doesn’t Scale … or Does It?  (5 mins, text, English)

Nugget #2 is authored by Mark Kilby. A quick read about transforming a group of individuals into a community. He shares some ideas for the first face-2-face meeting, e.g. a sociometry exercise:
Connect for Community in Distributed Teams  (4 mins, text, English)

Nugget #3 is the perfect immersion into the topic of team diversity, which I touched on Monday in The Wild 13 – team up like pirates. It’s a long read, but definitely worth the time. Martin Gaedt shares five tips to make your team successful. It is a nice mix of actionable advise and theoretic background such as Belbin’s nine team roles:
5 Tipps für erfolgreiche Teams (15 mins, text, German)

Have a nice weekend ahead. I’m on to my next post about pay, so hope to welcome you back on Monday!

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