Treasure 18 – Pay and design thinking

This week is about #NewPay, so I got two nuggets on this topic for you. Nugget #1 is a podcast nugget from Frank Eilers. He also participated in the #Newpay blog parade and produced a short episode on it. I fully support Frank’s key message: everybody is personally accountable for being paid fairly. Quit if you don’t think it’s fair. If everybody does that, we won’t see unfair pay anymore:
New Pay – Wie sieht die Zukunft der Bezahlung aus? (8min, audio, German)
By the way, I highly recommend to subscribe to Frank’s Morgenmensch podcast. He publishes a 8-15 minutes cast every workday. Nice quickies for the start of the day!

Nugget #2 is for all TED fans. Casey Brown has a similar message as Frank: Know your worth! She makes her case on gender pay gap with an personal and bold talk. (8min, video, English)


Nugget #3 is an awesome blog post from another corporate rebel. So no surprise this made it into my treasure. Pirates love pirate stories. Janine Kirchhof from Daimler wanted to try design thinking and used it for developing a new onboarding experience. She describes her step-by-step approach and isn’t cagey about all the obstacles she faced.  Every story I hear about bottom-up change in corporate environments has a similar pattern. Do it an area that you can control, find people who are intrinsically motivated to support it and then just follow your passion and do it:
Wie man eine Design Thinking Challenge bottom-up organisiert (10 min, text, German)

Have a great weekend ahead. Greetings from Dallas/Texas!

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