Treasure 19 – Community, Behavior, Digital transformation

Nugget #1 is from Steffi Tönjes. She shares ten great tips how to engage with your community. I like the analogy of a relationship and the featured image. A lot of the ideas can not only be applied to social media but also to offline communities:
Hilfe, meine Community redet nicht (mehr) mit mir! (10 mins, text. German)

Nugget #2 is an article from Tony Robinson on medium. Since I couldn’t find him on Twitter, #ff (follow Friday) credits go to Caroline Gordon who shared the article. Tony tells the story of „Rick“, a genius and rockstar. In the beginning he impresses his organization with high performance and is a great help to many people. Over time his behaviors change and he becomes a toxic employee. You might also have a „Rick“ in your organization. The story is a great reminder that often the rootcause for toxic behavior is not the individual, but the system who forces them to behave like they do. So take a step back and look deeper before you judge.
You fired your top talent. I hope you’re happy. (10 mins, text. English)

Nugget #3 is an enlightening talk with Prof. Dr. Henning Voepel about the impact of digital transformation on our society. He touches various aspects like democracy, basic income, automating routine tasks and compares it to the industrial revolution. I share his positive outlook on the benefits of digital transformation. What resonated most with me is the fact that courage will be more important than knowledge. If you don’t have much time there’s a short version with 8 minutes. If you like the format, feel free to subscribe to the XING Talk podcast. (44 mins, video, German)

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Today I will attend the „Creative Collaboration Culture Day“ in Karlsruhe. Hope my Jetlag won’t be too bad. Stay tuned for insights into my learnings from this day and have a nice weekend!

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