Treasure 21 – All about creativity and innovation

Nugget #1 is a collection of corporate innovation approaches by t3n magazine. They briefly describe the different formats from accelerators to startup scouting. It is a good starting point to understand the different ways how companies try to get their handle on innovation. In the next 2 nuggets I’ll feature two examples from German corporates.
Corporate Innovation programs (6 mins, German, text)

Nugget #2 is my highlight this week. GamePlan A by adidas released another stellar piece on creativity and innovation. They share stories and inspiration on how to cultivate a creative mindset, make space for creativity and unpack the creative complex process. I fully subscribe to the values of connecting, sharing and learning. Seems adidas is going bold on establishing a culture of creators and innovators. For me they seem to be ahead of Bosch, which I feature in nugget #3.
Gameplan A creativity guide  (19 mins, English, text)

Nugget #3 is a story about innovation at Bosch. The article features Bosch innovation manager Birgit Thoben. Bosch created an area called platform 12, in which all Bosch employees can create and experiment. They are definitely on the right way, but you can see from the article that they still got some issues. Why don’t people feel comfortable to share early? Why does Birgit Thoben work most of her time on reporting and „managing“ and then needs to balance this with innovating at home? For me it seems that innovation isn’t in their DNA yet and somehow decoupled from the rest of the business.
This women unhinges Bosch (7 mins, German, text)

Since I didn’t release a treasure last week, you get an extra nugget this week. Nugget #4 is published by Mark Poppenborg on Mark talks about Lean Startup, a method mindset to validate your business idea or assumptions as lean/early as possible. Mark shares some of the misconceptions, but also some own specific examples where he used this mindset. You have the choice if you want to read or better listen to it.
Lean startup – too good to be true (7 mins, German, text)
Lean startup – too good to be true (14 mins, German, audio)

I also want to write more about creativity and innovation on this blog. So let me know your questions, thoughts and feel free to share creative nuggets with me. Have a great weekend!


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