My top 3 articles in 2017

Winner Podium

Only three weeks to go until Christmas. I guess many of you are busy on the last mile of 2017 goals completion. Probably you don’t have much time to read a new article. And I want to take the time to reflect on this blog project as well as set goals for this blog in 2018. I reviewed the stats of this blog to learn about the articles that resonated most. And here they are:

Place 3, close to place 2 – Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?

Place 2 is a German article – #NewPay – Bälle statt Rubel rollen lassen

And clearly place 1 – Change – Every 24 seconds?

So in case you missed them and have five minutes between all the tasks of your year-end race, enjoy reading them. All are part of a blog series. If you like them and would like to learn more, feel free to read the remaining articles too. And of course share with your peers.

If your favorite article is a different one, do let me know via social media, email or personally. Same if you didn’t like them!

In the remaining two weeks I’ll write a summary of what I learned by this project and will share how to continue with this project in 2018. Stay tuned!

PS: I wish you some minutes of silence in this busy time of the year!


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