Treasure 28 – Rebels, change, performance management

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Happy New Year everybody! After couple days of digital detox it is time for a new treasure and to start the new blogging year. Without further ado let’s jump into this week’s nuggets.

Nugget #1 is a quickie from Marcus Raitner, a pirate at BMW. He elaborates on how to treat corporate rebels. I came across Tanmay Vora’s sketchnote last year already. I have it as a poster in my cubicle. Also I sent it to my boss with the subject: „If you ever looked for my user manual…“
How to lead, challenge and coach corporate rebels (3 minutes, text, English)

If you like Marcus‘ thoughts and want to hear him talk, Nugget #2 is the right thing for you. It is an interview on Firmenfunk podcast, produced by Leonid Lezner. Marcus talks about the transformation of the Automotive industry and how he conducts an agile transformation at BMW. His approach is a pirate approach. If you see the need for change, don’t wait until it happens tops-down. You’ll hear some ingredients of bottom-up corporate change: guerilla actions, experiment and adapt, grassroots initiatives, working out loud. But you’ll also learn about barriers and risks (cargocults, fear in middle management, organizational change, …).
FF008 Agile Transformation im Unternehmen (38 minutes, audio, German)

In many companies begin of the year marks the start a new performance management cycle. Maybe you still wrap-up 2017. Nugget #3 gives insights into Accenture’s practice. They ditched their traditional process and foster an environment of real-time feedback. They also no longer rely on forced rankings. I fully agree that forced rankings produce negative outcomes and massive efforts of annual review cycles don’t pay off. But what should be done instead? The quote from the end of the article says it all:

The art of leadership is not about spending time measuring or evaluating. It’s about selecting the right people, giving them the freedom and authority to innovate and lead with very simple measures, and then guiding them to succeed.

Why Accenture is saying goodbye to annual performance reviews (3 minutes, text, English)

You might have noticed, that this is the first post on my self-hosted WordPress. I’ve moved over all posts, so no need to go back to the site. If you experience any issues, please let me know via comments, social channels or email. If you like my treasures and inspirations, please share with others.

Have a nice weekend and a successful start into 2018!

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