Treasure 34 – Leadership and change

Since I had problems with my webspace yesterday and this morning, this week’s treasure comes in the evening and is a little smaller than usual. As usual DeepL does the trick with German articles

Nugget #1 comes from Dagmar Dörner. Dagmar describes very practical and vividly how leadership has to look like in order to scale. How often do I hear today that companies can no longer find software developers. There is no way around going global. And with this, location and time independent leadership is essential. I already wrote about this in my series What has remote working to do with ski touring?. And with the growing size of the organization, networking and participatory leadership are becoming more and more important. I look forward to see more from Dagmar on these last two points.
How scalable is your leadership style? (5 min, text, German)

Nugget #2 is a column by Gunter Dueck. He once again addresses all those who are currently trying to keep the status quo: the remaining. And this is not just about companies, education and politics. No, it is also about each and every one of us. Lifelong learning is the new motto: “Individuals should be open to new occupations, higher education and relocation.”
And it is a feat of strength for companies. To exemplify change in a transparent way, to provide appropriate training and not to forget people. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of ignorance (“why change? we are succesful!”) or “passionate cost saving under the flag of efficiency”.
Dear Remaining: Start caring! (8 min, text, German)

Enjoy these two impulses for the future of leadership and change in business and society. The topics fit perfectly to our blog parade “What if…?” So hit the keys and join in!

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