Treasure 38 – #LINKSDERWOCHE, Industry 4.0, Self-organization

Nugget #1 is actually not a single nugget but a whole bunch of nuggets. Compared to my treasure chests, Thomas Michl’s #LINKSDERWOCHE are whole treasure islands. Once a week he shares his findings on productivity, project management, agility and leadership. Most of the time this is much more than you can really try out, but a little choice won’t hurt. This week, for example, I was impressed byNadja Petranovskaja‘s article “Happiness: Small gestures and great effect”. By the way, I had already introduced Nadja in my contribution to neighboring blogs. And now have fun with Thomas’ Treasure Island:
#LINKSDERWOCHE | 12/2018: Produktivität, Projektmanagement, Agile, Leadership (11 min, text, German)

Nugget #2 is something for everyone involved with the Internet of Things. Bosch Software Innovations  has published a white paper containing 15 hypotheses for successful product development. In addition to many methods, there are also hints on organisational topics and which ways of thinking are required. Again and again representatives of other companies have their say and in the end there are also some examples of products. The whitepaper invites you to experiment and try it out. If you are currently working on an IoT product, I would appreciate feedback. Which of the methods do you use? What works well and where is the problem?
How to create new Industry 4.0 products (30+ min, text, English)

Nugget #3 comes from the Corporate Rebels. They have collected 16 success factors for self-organized teams. This requires fundamentals at the individual, team and organisational levels. Even if your company is still far away from self-organized teams, the article is worthwhile. You can start with one or two of the factors and experiment, for example factor 2 roles. How about rotating jobs and trying out a colleague’s task? Or how about training? We have done sessions on the topic of decision tools in our team. I’m sure everyone will find something to try in the 16 factors. Looking forward to your comments about what worked out and what didn’t.

Today our blog parade What if…? officially ends. Because some still have contributions in the making, we will extend the activity. More on this and a summary of all previous contributions will be available on Monday. So keep on writing, podcasting or even tape videos. And maybe we’ll get a handwritten contribution, too.

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