Treasure 39 – IoT, Craft-Beer, Confidence

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Because of the holiday the treasure is for dinner tonight. If you’ve had enough of all the classics on TV, there’s food for your ears and something to read. I also share findings from my trips through the net during the week. The Companypirate is already on Facebook as an extra page. So sail by quickly, subscribe and leave a like. More channels will follow in the next weeks. I am still considering whether I should also offer a regular summary of my contributions by email. Thanks to the algorithms of social networks, an update can get lost or you rarely read via social media. Please give me feedback to [email][/email] if email updates are valuable to you.

Last week I had the Bosch white paper in the treasure. This time again there is something technical. Nugget #1 is a podcast on the Internet of Things. The Allesnetz IoT Podcast
is produced by Leonid Lezner, who should already be known to my regular readers from Firmenfunk. The first episode is perfect for an introduction to the topic, because terms and basics are clarified. The other episodes then deal with various radio standards, connected cars, development frameworks and also the topic of network security.
AN001 First episode, Warum und Wie, Narrowband IoT (16 min, audio, German)

Nugget #2 fits well at the end of Lent. In the monasteries this was traditionally the time of the strong beer. Thomas Jenewein entertainingly describes what digital transformation has in common with the brewing monks and the craft beer scene. Due to the invention of letterpress printing, the monks also had to undergo a transformation. After the copying of books was no longer in demand, beer was brewed. It’s that easy to find a new business model. And from today’s craft-beer scene, many companies can for their own transformation: Being Agile with experiments, sustainability and open innovation with the help of the Crowd.
What Craft-Beer, Monks, Nikolas Luhmann and the digital transformation have in common (4 min, text, German)

Nugget #3 is something from the adidas Gameplan-A blog. This time it’s about confidence. Holly Mandel gives us a simple tool. It consists of two words: Yes, and. Sounds quite simple. In practice, however, it is terribly difficult not to look for reasons why something does not work. And this applies both to our own ideas and those of others. I don’t know how I’ll implement it yet. Maybe just write the two words on a DIN A4 sheet and hang them in the office! Who of you is practicing this already?

That’s it for this week. Enjoy your long Easter weekend!

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