Treasure 59 – Best of CompanyPirate

Dear treasure readers,

the moving boxes are packed and transported. But before I fill new treasures, I take a few days off. Marcus Raitner, who also publishes on a weekly basis on Führung erfahren, gave me the idea for Schatzkiste 59 in his vacation newsletter. This time there is simply a “Best of CompanyPirate”. Some are new here. Some may have missed an article. And even if someone has read everything, perhaps new insights will emerge the second time they read it.

Nugget #1 is from the early days of this blog and a seven-part blog series. I just wanted to write down my experiences with virtual teams. From these beginnings, over 12 months of regular blogging and over 50 treasures have resulted. At that time the blog was not yet bilingual, so all seven articles are only available in English. That working on and in remote teams is more than tools can be read in the articles. If you want to know what the advantages of remote work and teams are, start with article one:
What has remote working to do with ski touring? (7 x 5 mins, text, English)

The topic is salary in Nugget #2 and I took part in the blog parade #NewPay. Suddenly this turned into a mini-series and a wonderful passing game developed with Gregor Ilg, with whom I have been exchanging ideas and ever since. Be sure to check out his blog “Future Proof World”. Currently he is writing in relatively high frequency for the Improblog-Challenge. Consider these as kind of extra nuggets. In my third post all articles of this series are linked. Here you go:
#NewPay – Extrapass in der Crunchtime (3 x 5 mins, text, German)

Nugget #3 is about innovation, which is increasingly becoming the focus of this blog. The post didn’t have that many views because it wasn’t part of a blog parade and therefore not so many people became aware of it. Nevertheless, it is one of my favourite articles, because in my eyes it addresses an evil of many organizations. That’s all I want to say. Just read it yourself:
“Sparks” – Why there’s no innovation under water (8 mins, text, German/English)

That’s it with this special treasure. Next week there will be fresh input again.

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