Treasure 65 – Innovation, Habits, Courage

Hi friends of the treasure,

another week is over. The year is slowly coming to an end. For many of you the final lap for reaching personal and business goals starts. Many companies are already planning for next year. I hope to give you some inspiration with treasure 65.

Let’s start with the topic of innovation. In Nugget #1,Malte Joshua Wagenbach writes why he no longer believes in innovation hubs and internal startup garages in so many companies. Some companies only play innovation theater. Employees can then let off steam on post-its, play with design thinking and loosely hang out in the office copied from Google. Meanwhile, the daily madness happens in the main business units. But what if you’re seriously working on new products and business models that will resonate in the market. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things banging against the “glass wall”, asRobert Vogel called it this week at the Intrinsify Meetup in Munich. So what can you do? Malte Joshua Wagenbach reminds us of stakeholder management, which is often forgotten. After all, you are far away from operational business in the hub. But the symbiosis with the operative business is needed to get the innovations out of the door and scales them. How does your stakeholder management work? What worked well and what didn’t? Share your stories in the comments or via social networks.
I no longer believe in innovation hubs (5 min, text, German)

Nugget #2 is interesting for personal development. On the channel Break the Twitch, which I had already shared in Treasure 51, Anthony Ongaro presents 10 tips for developing routines. I like the following three best:

  1. Action over outcome – Often you have a bigger goal in mind. In the private area, for example, this could be 5 kg less. But after a round of running you won’t see any pounds tumbling and will easily stop for lack of results. Therefore first of all action. I go running once a week.
  2. Start first, stop second – Instead of setting myself a goal of spending less time in my inbox, I have set myself the goal to make at least one Pomodoro a day. Works quite well already.
  3. Newton’s 3rd law applied to habits – There is not much to add. The picture with the ball thrown against the wall speaks for itself. So start gently with new routines 😉

(9 min, video, english)

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If we are already talking about goals, then I would have one wish. I would like as many organizations as possible to set themselves the goal of more courage. Marcus Raitner describes in Nugget #3 why we need courage so urgently as a society and companies. What does he think it needs? It needs the freedom of fools. This is the only way organizations can develop further. It’s about discovering the new and questioning patterns of behaviour that no longer fit the demands of the market. This requires courage. A virtue that is often trained down. I consider Netflix’s formula “context instead of control” to be enormously effective. Unfortunately, many companies act according to the formula “trust is good, control is better”. How courageous is your organization? Share your courage stories with me and the other readers for more fool freedom in companies.
Courage – The underestimated virtue (3 min, text, English)

For more courage in society there is an initiative that has emerged from a twitter post of mine:

In the meantime, 17,000 people have read it on Twitter and share inspiring stories that inspire courage via the hashtag #mutland. From the small gesture in everyday life to the initiative that tackles the challenges of our country and makes the world a bit better every day. Together with a team of courageous citizens from all over Germany we want to make the movement bigger. For this we need your help. Follow us on social channels like Twitter and Instagram, , share your stories on and tell your friends and acquaintances. Together we manage to make Germany a Mutland. And feel to start the movement in your country as well. I’m curious to see how this translates into different languages. Thank you!



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