Treasure 66 – Productivity, Attitude, Respect

Dear friends of the treasure,

we have arrived at number 66. Some of my readers are not German native speakers and prefer to read the English articles. I will try to put at least one article per week into the treasure. You are also welcome to make suggestions to me. For the translation of the German textual contributions I recommend DeepL. Other than that, the German nuggets are perfect for learning the language 😉

Let’s go with Nugget #1, which again comes from productivity guru Lars Bobach, whom I already had in Treasure 64. The title of the podcast episode is “Data storage in paperless accounting” and doesn’t sound interesting to many of you at first. The second question in the podcast is certainly very relevant for most of you. Do you need different calendars, phones and devices for your professional and private life? There are very practical tips as well as pros and cons. I have both separate calendars and phones now. As private calendars we use a digital family calendar. I have integrated it into Outlook via iCal. However, this is only read-only and I sometimes have to enter appointments twice. Meanwhile I make contacts really central. Devices are unfortunately doubled. There are too many limitations for the devices that the company makes available to me. I hope in the next years BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will prevail more. The technical possibilities are given in any case. What does your setup look like? Do you have any tips on this topic?
Frag Lars – Data storage in paperless accounting, Wolfgang Schüttler (237) (25 min, audio, German)

Nugget #2 is a slightly older post on the Gameplan-A blog that was promoted again this week on LinkedIn. Max Van Den Doel lists 10 tips for better attitude at work. The tips are all easy to implement and yet I rarely see these done (even me!).
“Good morning” when walking in, is a standard for me. But a short small talk about the challenges of the day makes it even more valuable. I will start this behavior.
In Tip 6, however, there is a danger lurking. I realize that you shouldn’t surround yourself with the naysayers all the time, because that’s what wears off. But if I only surround myself with the optimists all the time, it’s also dangerous. I really appreciate it when people tell me that something can’t work or that they see risks. Because that broadens my perspective. That doesn’t mean that I’ll let myself be distracted from a chosen path or lose my optimism. But I prepare myself better and can avoid stumbling blocks more easily.
I strongly recommend tip 10. We have also had the evening ritual for a few days, where everyone tells their personal highlight of the day. So far someone has still found something. Try it out!
10 TIPS FOR ATTITUDE AT WORK (4 min, text, English)

Nugget #3 is a great talk by René Borbonus, which I came across thanks to Conny Dethloff. It’s a great example of how to give a successful and entertaining talk. But that’s not what it’s about today. It’s about the content, a passionate plea for more respect. I, too, am convinced that if we show respect we will gain more respect among friends and enemies. I find three aspects of the lecture interesting for the corporate world.
First, René Borbonus points out a disadvantage of modern communication. It’s fast. It also happened to me that I immediately wrote an emotional response to an email. So it would be good if you first had to walk to the mailbox and inhale some fresh air. A colleague of mine implemented this digitally. In Outlook you can create a rule that all outgoing emails are delayed. 2-3 minutes are enough in my opinion.
The second aspect is anonymous feedback. I am often asked as a feedback provider for 360° feedback. These are anonymous, which I think is stupid. How can you have a dialogue with your feedback providers?In the meantime I write my name into the free text fields  .

The third aspect is a quote from the lecture:

Who is still green can grow, who thinks itself already ripe, begins to rot.

In my eyes this is true for so many things in companies – individuals, processes, organizations. What is mature in your company? Take a close look and you may see the first rotten spots. But it is even better to take care of the growth of the green areas. (19 min, video, German)

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The #Mutland initiative is also about respect and a positive attitude. This week the big #Mutland blog parade has started. I will also be contributing a post over the next few weeks. Ideas and inspiration are very welcome. It’s even better if you contribute yourself. If you don’t have a blog yourself, you are welcome to publish as a guest author on this blog. In this sense, have a courageous weekend!

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