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How to find the needle in the haystack of information? What’s going on at SXSW in Austin? Where are the Start-Up Hotspots? Today’s three nuggets give answers.

I browse the net a lot to get new information and inspiration. On one hand this can become quite confusing, on the other hand the question arises how to further process the sighted information. Currently I use Trello as a storage for articles and ideas. However, the degree of automation is zero. Also, I haven’t found a good way to aggregate and manage information from different sources. So the article by Thomas Pleil comes in handy. I have already used IFTT. Merging of social bookmarks should be quick to implement. I will also reactivate Feedly to aggregate various blogs, some of which I follow via email newsletter. How does your workflow look like? Do you have any tips & tricks on how to find the needle in the haystack of information? Let me know in the comments. (8 min, text, English)
Read, save, find: my daily workflow

A very recent catch in my net is Breakfast Taco #3 from Lina Timm, who writes about her findings at SXSW in Austin. Electro scooters seem to take the first climb on the hypecycle. I’m curious when the first OEM will buy a corresponding supplier. There were further trend topics in Amy Webb’s session. She publishes the current Tech Trends Report every year at SXSW. No surprise, data collection will continue and biometric data will also enrich the sea of data in the future. To be confirmed whether the customer benefit outweighs the further loss of privacy. More about Tech Trends in one of the next treasures or maybe it’s worth an extra article.
The summary of the session Corporate Innovation Playbook was particularly interesting for me. Not surprisingly it was often about cooperation with startups. Many companies are still miles away from the openness to show their challenges and mutual sharing. But cooperation with startups is only one of the many chapters of a Corporate Innovation Playbook for me. Which chapter do you think shouldn’t be missing? (10 min, text, English)
Breakfast Taco – Day 3 

The Startup Landscape is the subject of a quite extensive report by Startup Genome. At the beginning of the report there is a summary of the “State of the union”. Treasure #72 was already about the topic China. Also here I found an interesting data point, why you should look to China from time to time. The proportion of unicorns from China rose from 14% to 35%, while the proportion in the USA fell by about the same difference. 1st place in patents on blockchain and AI goes to whom? China! For the mechanical engineering sector, which continues to be strong in Germany, it is worth taking a look at another key figure. The fastest growing sub-sector is “Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics”. With Munich and Berlin, there are two hotspots on the topic, but Boston and Shenzhen seem to take the lead. It is pleasing, however, that together with Frankfurt three German cities are listed as hot spots. However, I miss the sub-sector mobility mentioned on the in the chapter about Munich. Anyone who has interesting information on the subject, please let me know. (242 pages, text, English)
Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2018

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