Treasure 89 – Phygital, Amazon, Perfectionism

What is phygital? What can we learn from Amazon and where can we even do better? How can perfectionism be compensated? Inspiration for ears and eyes can be found in Treasure 89.

Nugget #1 is the current episode of the ada Podcast about Phygital. This is not a new disease but the combination of physical and digital. Astrid Maier and Sven Prange catch me with a sport analogy. I try the basketball analogy, which the two of them did not dare to try. The team Tech of Googles and Amazons are very strong and talented players. But they don’t play together. In my opinion, that’s exactly where the chance of the German medium-sized companies is. The German companies are quite good at the physical side, they are just beginning to learn the digital side. If you play together now it could be something that enables the win of the underdog. In basketball, at any time, you can catch up quickly. (20 min, audio, German)

Welcome to Phygitalia

Nugget #2 is also about the two worlds digital and physical. The e-commerce editor Jochen Fuchs analyzes in t3n Podcast the last shareholder letter from Jeff Bezos. I would like to pick up three aspects from this episode:

  • As said in Nugget #1 there is a lot of potential in the combination of the digital and physical world, which in the case of Amazon means stationary shops. In consideration of Conways Law, the organizational fusion of the two worlds would make sense. But I don’t know of any company that has organizationally combined the two worlds. Either there is a digital unit or lab or companies focus fully on a digital business. Do you know companies that have a good phygital organization?
  • Jochen Fuchs follows Amazon’s job ads. I also do this regularly. Even if I’m not looking for a new job, I can learn a lot from it. Which topics are currently being addressed by companies? Do new teams even emerge? How do the requirements for certain profiles change? Are there possibly even new professions?
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) is briefly addressed. Here Amazon acts as a B2B business. I am curious whether and when Amazon will use its marketplace know-how and offer a real B2B marketplace. The possibilities are there. In my opinion, there would also be a need. Even if nobody asks for it today. Will this perhaps be the next disruptive innovation?

(41 min, audio, German)

Nugget #3 is a wonderful workhack from Bastian Wilkat. We Germans have a tendency towards perfectionism. Engineers also tend to optimize endlessly. In this respect I am almost doubly susceptible to perfectionism. Fortunately, I spent 15 years of my professional life in an American company and learned pragmatism. “Done is better than perfect” became my motto. Nevertheless, I still often run the risk of working on something for too long. The checklist for being ready comes just at the right time. In the future, I’ll check the following point regularly: I’ve already used up the time I actually wanted to put into it. (1 min, text, German)

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