Treasure 39 – IoT, Craft-Beer, Confidence

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Because of the holiday the treasure is for dinner tonight. If you’ve had enough of all the classics on TV, there’s food for your ears and something to read. I also share findings from my trips through the net during the week. The Companypirate is already on Facebook as an extra page. So sail by quickly, subscribe and leave a like. More channels will follow in the next weeks. I am… Read More »Treasure 39 – IoT, Craft-Beer, Confidence


Sans souci – My recipe for bottom-up change

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Before I write to the question “What if there was no competition?”, I have another post on corporate change. The reason for this is the Haufe group, which called for a blog parade on the subject of corporate rebels. They got one of my tweets in the article. Of course, this motivated me to share my experiences as a company pirate. Haufe asks: “Which tools and methods do lateral thinkers… Read More »Sans souci – My recipe for bottom-up change

Treasure 34 – Leadership and change

Since I had problems with my webspace yesterday and this morning, this week’s treasure comes in the evening and is a little smaller than usual. As usual DeepL does the trick with German articles Nugget #1 comes from Dagmar Dörner. Dagmar describes very practical and vividly how leadership has to look like in order to scale. How often do I hear today that companies can no longer find software developers.… Read More »Treasure 34 – Leadership and change

Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture

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This week’s treasure is about organizations and culture. I haven’t counted the number of organizational changes I’ve gone through in the last few years. It is likely double digit. Talking to other people in corporates and medium sized companies, I hear similar stories. I believe companies struggle more and more to keep their organizations adjusted to the complexity of today’s markets. So maybe this treasure gives you some inspiration on how… Read More »Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture