Treasure 81 – AI, Accountability, Collaboration

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Is our work being taken away by machines? What is accountability and who is accountable? How can I create collaboration in a way that everyone is involved? Inspiration to these questions can be found in today’s treasure. Nugget#1 is an entertaining interview with brain researcher Henning Beck. It was recorded at the Pathfinder Festival by intrinsify, a network I’m part of. Many people are afraid of digitalisation. Algorithms and robots… Read More »Treasure 81 – AI, Accountability, Collaboration

Treasure 77 – Innovation, Onboarding, Career

Nugget #1 comes from the pen of Dr. Sebastian Vetter. It is about the topic of innovation hubs. In this article the lessons learned 11-15 are listed. The first part is also very worth reading. Innovation tourists often fall into the trap of the Cargo cult. Then fancy office layouts are copied and you wait for the innovations to bubble up. But what drives me the most is measuring innovation.… Read More »Treasure 77 – Innovation, Onboarding, Career

Treasure 67 – Innovation culture, Task map, New Work

Dear treasure fan, today a little later, because I had to get my head clear first. My week was dominated by farewell from my current company and today I had my last day. In the future, I will devote myself more to the topic of my heart, innovation. My team gave me a large treasure chest, in which I can collect analog nuggets now. Nugget #1 is consumed quickly. But… Read More »Treasure 67 – Innovation culture, Task map, New Work

Treasure 63 – Collaboration & Innovation

Dear treasure readers, at the moment I’m on the road a lot. So I consume one podcast episode after another. Nevertheless, I also put some textual and visual stuff into the treasure to keep it balanced. Good news for my English readers, because this time there are two nuggets in English. Nugget #1 is a comic that was created by Zühlke Engineering. Seven principles of virtual collaboration are written down in… Read More »Treasure 63 – Collaboration & Innovation