Treasure 91 – Decisions, Agile Games, Entrepreneurship

How to make decisions? How to learn agile mindset in a playful way? How do my employees learn entrepreneurship? Few recipes, but lots of food for thought in the newest treasure. Nugget #1 is about decisions. Recently I moderated a Brownbag Lunch on this topic and all agreed that that there are hardly any opportunities to educate oneself about decisions. So it is not surprising that powerful tools like the… Read More »Treasure 91 – Decisions, Agile Games, Entrepreneurship

Treasure 55 – Management, Decisions, Responsibilities

Hi treasure hunters, Yesterday I got good feedback from my reader Alexandre. He asked me when I would release another English treasure. I do this every week, because I now publish all articles bilingually. To change the language, simply click on the American or German flag in the navigation bar. In the mobile view on your smartphone or tablet, this is unfortunately hidden and you have to open the navigation… Read More »Treasure 55 – Management, Decisions, Responsibilities