Treasure 87 – Metrics, Emotions, Digitalisation

Are metrics good or bad? Do emotions belong in professional life or is that unprofessional? What does digitalisation mean for German SMEs? There has been silence on this blog for a few days, because the Brose Technology Days needed my full mental capacity. By late Sunday afternoon, there’s finally food for thought and answers to the three questions. For me at least as exciting as the crime scene on Sunday… Read More »Treasure 87 – Metrics, Emotions, Digitalisation

Treasure 82 – Innovation, Inspiration, Digitization

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What is the state of innovation in Germany? Does it need inspiration and what is inspiration? Does a digitization strategy make sense? Many Buzzwords and nevertheless three articles which do without Bullshit Bingo. Instead they inform, inspire and motivate to think ahead. After the Global Innovation Index in treasure 72, Nugget #1 brings another index compiled by the business magazine Bloomberg. Who sees Germany behind countries such as the USA and Israel… Read More »Treasure 82 – Innovation, Inspiration, Digitization

Treasure 73 – Digitization, Innovation, lateral thinking

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Good morning, Waiting for the treasure? Here are the three nuggets of the week: Nugget #1 is one of the new episodes of Changerider. Philipp Depiereux is hammering out one episode after the other. Recently, he has been taken to East Belgium. The episode also improved my geography knowledge a bit. Oliver Paasch is Prime Minister of this part of Belgium and explains the benefits of digitisation for rural areas. When… Read More »Treasure 73 – Digitization, Innovation, lateral thinking

Treasure 56 – Career, Digitization, Learning

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Hello treasure readers, this week the treasure is a little bit more visual, Microsoft appears in two contributions and all contributions are by women. At the very end of the treasure there is a little extra nugget today. More will not be revealed yet 🙂 Nugget #1 is a cool new interview format. Philipp Depiereux is CEO of the digital agency etventure and interviews people who want to make a… Read More »Treasure 56 – Career, Digitization, Learning