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Treasure 80 – Learning, Conferences, Knowledge maps

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Hello all, this week the treasure is a little late. There was a team workshop, a business trip to Munich and two sick kids on the program. That’s why the nuggets are coming on Sunday afternoon. I already introduced lernOS in treasure 70. In Nugget #1 Dipl-Ing. Alexander Rose describes his experience from 12 weeks circle. The goals of the cross-functional circle members were quite different. Nevertheless or maybe because… Read More »Treasure 80 – Learning, Conferences, Knowledge maps

Treasure 70 – Innovation & Learning

Hello treasure reader, Today I’ll start with the English piece first. Nugget #1 deals with the composition of a team in environments with high uncertainty. When it comes to innovation, that’s certainly the case. Author Nathan Furr and his colleagues have identified three characteristics that make such teams successful. People who feel comfortable in insecurity and “chaos pilots” who question the status quo usually have a hard time in normal… Read More »Treasure 70 – Innovation & Learning