Treasure 106 – VUCA, Transformation, Community

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What skills do you need in the VUCA world? How do you embark on a journey into the unknown? How do you build a community? Treasure 106 is like a little Marco Polo travel guide to the uncertain and complex world.

Treasure 102 – Email, Leadership, Presentations

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How do I write an email? What is Leadership? How to make good slides? A colorful treasure, in which somehow everything revolves around presentation. Nugget #1 is a TED Talk from Victoria Turk about Email. Yes you have read correctly – EMAIL. On average one day a week is spent on it, I read recently. I took three things out of the talk: Emails are only text, they do not… Read More »Treasure 102 – Email, Leadership, Presentations

Treasure 99 – Digital, Competition, Drama-Triangle

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What is happening in Munich on the subject of digital? Is competition a result generator? What is the drama triangle? A text-heavy but no less interesting treasure creates new perspectives. Digitalization is on everyone’s lips and also in past treasure it was often a topic. For everybody interested in practice instead of theory, Google published 25 stories from the state capital of Bavaria and made it as Nugget #1 into… Read More »Treasure 99 – Digital, Competition, Drama-Triangle

Treasure 38 – #LINKSDERWOCHE, Industry 4.0, Self-organization

Nugget #1 is actually not a single nugget but a whole bunch of nuggets. Compared to my treasure chests, Thomas Michl’s #LINKSDERWOCHE are whole treasure islands. Once a week he shares his findings on productivity, project management, agility and leadership. Most of the time this is much more than you can really try out, but a little choice won’t hurt. This week, for example, I was impressed byNadja Petranovskaja‘s article “Happiness: Small gestures… Read More »Treasure 38 – #LINKSDERWOCHE, Industry 4.0, Self-organization