Treasure 82 – Innovation, Inspiration, Digitization

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What is the state of innovation in Germany? Does it need inspiration and what is inspiration? Does a digitization strategy make sense? Many Buzzwords and nevertheless three articles which do without Bullshit Bingo. Instead they inform, inspire and motivate to think ahead. After the Global Innovation Index in treasure 72, Nugget #1 brings another index compiled by the business magazine Bloomberg. Who sees Germany behind countries such as the USA and Israel… Read More »Treasure 82 – Innovation, Inspiration, Digitization

Treasure 61 – Self-responsibility, motivation, innovation

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Hello treasure fans, Have you already digested the contents of last week? Here comes a new set of nuggets. Nugget #1 is for the friends of the well-groomed audio entertainment. I dug up another podcast. Since I am not a Bayern1 listener, I had never heard of the blue couch before. It’s in the editorial office of the radio station and celebrities regularly sit on it for an interview. Recently,… Read More »Treasure 61 – Self-responsibility, motivation, innovation