I don’t have time for this…

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Hello, you, I’m over here! Helloooooo! Yes, I mean you… Still can’t you see me? Well, it wouldn’t be the first time. Most people don’t see me. And that since I’m so tall and I’m standing in the room with you. Some people see me too. But they act like they don’t see me. Some people look the other way. Maybe it’s my size? Or the wrinkled grey skin? But… Read More »I don’t have time for this…


Letter from the year 2025

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Sladjan Lazic, the career boss, asks in his current blog parade “How do you want to work in the future?” I spontaneously remembered my letter from the future, which I wrote to myself recently during the email challenge. I have expanded and reformulated the letter a little. Now it describes how I see work in the future, but also my very personal vision. Letter from the year 2025 Dear… Read More »Letter from the year 2025

Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?

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Nugget #1 is thanks to my blogger colleague Gregor Ilg. He shared Jennifer Bortchen‘s fantastic article. She writes to me in her mind when she talks about the separation of work and leisure time: “So I can’t help but think of an idea in the shower.” This is exactly what I’m talking about! Also the suggestions how to redistribute time are really cool. After all, machines and algorithms will ensure that many… Read More »Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?

Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture

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This week’s treasure is about organizations and culture. I haven’t counted the number of organizational changes I’ve gone through in the last few years. It is likely double digit. Talking to other people in corporates and medium sized companies, I hear similar stories. I believe companies struggle more and more to keep their organizations adjusted to the complexity of today’s markets. So maybe this treasure gives you some inspiration on how… Read More »Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture