Treasure 96 – Learning

What helps lifelong learning? What are learning organizations? What is the 70-20-10 rule? This week there is a treasure full of learning topics. Last week I had a short talk with our two working students who said goodbye in the afternoon to go learn. “Tobias, luckily you don’t need to learn any more,” said the one to me. I quickly took the illusion away from him. I think I am… Read More »Treasure 96 – Learning

Treasure 85 – Innovation & Organization

How do I prepare the ground for innovation? Is innovation only for R&D? How do you keep your organization fit to deal with surprises? The video treasure provides answers. You can consume it faster than an episode of your favorite series. We start with Astro Teller, head of Alphabet’s Moonshot factory X. He tells how he prepares the ground for innovation. This is not possible by cleverly combining different methods.… Read More »Treasure 85 – Innovation & Organization

Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?

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Nugget #1 is thanks to my blogger colleague Gregor Ilg. He shared Jennifer Bortchen‘s fantastic article. She writes to me in her mind when she talks about the separation of work and leisure time: “So I can’t help but think of an idea in the shower.” This is exactly what I’m talking about! Also the suggestions how to redistribute time are really cool. After all, machines and algorithms will ensure that many… Read More »Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?

Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture

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This week’s treasure is about organizations and culture. I haven’t counted the number of organizational changes I’ve gone through in the last few years. It is likely double digit. Talking to other people in corporates and medium sized companies, I hear similar stories. I believe companies struggle more and more to keep their organizations adjusted to the complexity of today’s markets. So maybe this treasure gives you some inspiration on how… Read More »Treasure 33 – Organizations and Culture