Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage

Dear treasure readers, this week I have the shortest treasure so far. In less than 10 minutes you have digested all the nuggets. Nugget #1 is a real innovation quickie. Everybody should have two minutes available. Sabine Eckhardt caught me with the title. Or did you know what the phrase “The horse does not eat cucumber salad” means? The moral of the story is that an idea or invention is… Read More »Treasure 60 – Innovation, Ambidexterity, Pirates, Courage

Treasure 42 – Values, Innovation, Pirates

Nugget #1 is a wonderful podcast about values. Mike Kaiser presents three exercises to find out our personal values. Some of you may be familiar with the exercise of your own eulogy. But I have never read the task so motivating. Writing the speech from three perspectives (someone from the family, a colleague and a friend) creates a round picture. But also the island game is exciting. The perfect episode… Read More »Treasure 42 – Values, Innovation, Pirates