Treasure 43 – Innovation, complexity, remote work

The attentive readers of my blog have probably noticed it. On Monday my compass article, didn’t happen. I had a problem with my database last weekend and spent my time repairing it. After this is fixed, we can continue with treasure #43. Nugget #1 comes from Gunnar Sohn. His article continues the topic of ambidextry from the past treasures. The article starts with a look at how many jobs will… Read More »Treasure 43 – Innovation, complexity, remote work

Treasure 40 – Digitization, Ambidexterity, Innovation

Ahoy! This week the treasure is a bit text-heavy again, but no less interesting. If you also want to share a nugget or even fill a treasure, please let me know via[email][/email]. Nugget #1 is about rural exodus. In Germany, metropolitan areas such as Munich and Hamburg continue to grow steadily.┬áReal estate prices and rents are climbing to dizzying heights. On the other hand, in structurally weaker regions only the… Read More »Treasure 40 – Digitization, Ambidexterity, Innovation

What has remote working to do with ski touring?

I’ll tell you the answer later in this post. Let me ask you a different question first: Does your company implement or extend their remote work policy? Mine does and in the last weeks I got to know many others who do the same. Do you work in teams dispersed across the globe? I am part of a growing number of remote teams and globally dispersed networks. Also looking at… Read More »What has remote working to do with ski touring?