#whatif – The first round of contributions

The first round of our blog parade What if…? is over and some exciting contributions came together. I would like to present them here and comment briefly. Björn Czybik was the first and formulated one of my questions to: “What if there were no more formal roles?” A fictitious (?) scenario is about a CFO whose role is under discussion. After many emotions the situation is finally resolved by a… Read More »#whatif – The first round of contributions


What if there was no competition?

When I kicked off the blogparade What if…? I asked the question: What if there was no competition? Some may have wondered how I came to this question. When my sons first heard about the diesel scandal last year, they asked why there was competition. All the car manufacturers could simply work together to develop and sell a clean car. I explained them what a monopoly is and what disadvantages it brings.… Read More »What if there was no competition?

Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?

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Nugget #1 is thanks to my blogger colleague Gregor Ilg. He shared Jennifer Bortchen‘s fantastic article. She writes to me in her mind when she talks about the separation of work and leisure time: “So I can’t help but think of an idea in the shower.” This is exactly what I’m talking about! Also the suggestions how to redistribute time are really cool. After all, machines and algorithms will ensure that many… Read More »Treasure 35 – Work, Innovation, #whatif?


What if…? A blogparade about fascinating scenarios of the future.

What is the blogparade about? Often we are so caught up in our daily routine and regular thought patterns that true innovation – in whatever field – becomes difficult or even impossible. We believe that only what we know and can imagine is possible and feasible. True innovation and disruptive ideas or concepts rarely adhere to what we already know, otherwise they would not be disruptive. That’s why we want to… Read More »What if…? A blogparade about fascinating scenarios of the future.