Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Friday – Time for some nuggets. I always try to generate a diverse collection. Some of the nuggets might be golden for you and others trash. Would love to hear your feedback on what is valuable to you and what not. Nugget #1 is an article about remote work. Liz Ryan hits the nail on the head, that fear of managers prevents us from doing more remote work and enjoy… Weiterlesen »Treasure #5 – #remotework, #startup, #ohnetwitter

Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive

After the Special on Wevent #32 we are back to my seven part series about remote work. In case you missed the first two posts and want to read the full story, feel free to go back to part one about benefits of remote working and part two about purple space. Do you have your purple space framed and established? Today you’ll learn how to get and keep it alive. Life needs… Weiterlesen »Heartbeat – Get your remote team alive

Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork

This week has been running fast, so time for the weekly treasure. Nugget #1 is a publication that shows how the world has changed by many charts and maps. One example is technological progress, starting with Moore’s law. But there’s also plenty of about health, population and more. You’ll notice that the world has changed positively. Many people have a different perception these days: Nugget #2 is for my… Weiterlesen »Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork

Special – Reflections on Wevent #32

Saturday and Sunday I visited Wevent #32 about #change. I decided to write up my reflections and continue the remote work series next week. There is plenty of learning and spark, so should be useful and inspiring for you as well. The Wevent tried to answer the following questions: How to bridge from the old work/business to new work/business? Does it even make sense to talk about old business and new… Weiterlesen »Special – Reflections on Wevent #32