New categories and publishing cadence

In my last post I indicated to change my categories. The basketball categories didn’t work for me and I assume readers didn’t get it either. The goals of my blog are still the same. I want to: Share learnings/experiences/ideas on business topics and get your feedback. Collect and comment interesting publications on the web From time to time share my travel experiences or interesting events In addition I want to establish… Weiterlesen »New categories and publishing cadence

From arenas to pirates…

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I wasn’t happy with the design and title of my blog. The title „New work arena“ was very vague. And it didn’t describe me very well. Last week I spent a week at a beautiful beach in Croatia and read a book about startups. It contained a famous quote: „It’s more fun to be a pirate than to join the navy.“ – Steve Jobs This reminded me about my personal case… Weiterlesen »From arenas to pirates…

Do I see you at #dreiCday?

Hi readers, here’s a super quick post on an event I would like to share with you: Christoph Thomas who organizes the event had a quick interview with me (in German), where you can learn more about my motivation to join: Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.Video-Link: Do I see you at #dreiCday?

Pass #3 – Does change need a vision?

Seems Hans-Martin and me establish a passing game on change. Here’s his response on my post  Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?: I agree, leading indicators are the ‚way to go‘, from a metrics perspective! From the behavioral side, sharing an inspiring vision seems equally important. How does this resonate with the basketball team analogy? I’m sure there is more to a basket ball team than ‚just the motivation… Weiterlesen »Pass #3 – Does change need a vision?