My 2018 goals – start, stop, continue

After my first reflection in my last post Practice makes perfect, it is time to make 2018 goals for my blog project. I’m using my favorite retrospective format: Start, Stop, Continue to derive goals for next year. Let’s start with Continue first. Continue First things first: I definitely want to continue this blog project. It is helpful for me. There are enough people who value my posts. Also I learned… Weiterlesen »My 2018 goals – start, stop, continue

Practice makes perfect

In Germany we have a saying „Übung macht den Meister“, which roughly translates to practice makes perfect. I’m still far from perfect in blogging, but after about nine months I can see a training effect. With 2017 ending I want to take the opportunity to reflect on my progress and share my learnings. Train your writing muscles I never liked writing and thought my writing is awful. In first quarter… Weiterlesen »Practice makes perfect

Treasure 24 – Blogging out loud

In my post Alexa, how do I lead my team? earlier this week I mentioned the start of our !me blogging community, called blogging out loud. In this week’s treasure I want to feature the blogs of three members. Bad news for my English readers, all are written in German. Where’s bad news there’s also good news. I got a special nugget for you: DeepL translator It is from a startup based… Weiterlesen »Treasure 24 – Blogging out loud

Amazon Echo Alexa

Alexa, how do I lead my team?

Last weekend I joined a Wevent in Berlin. Wevents are network meetings and „un-conferences“ of the network. If you want to learn more about Wevents, have a look here. In this post I want to quickly summarize my impressions and share my learnings. Every Wevent has its own flair and is a little special. This Wevent was the biggest Wevent ever and had two special tracks with prepared sessions… Weiterlesen »Alexa, how do I lead my team?