Treasure 30 – Learning, conflict, entrepreneurship

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Nugget #1 this week comes from Inga Hoeltmann. She shares two insights from a learning journey. The first one is the desire to look into economic changes and other companies. Unfortunately many employees are heads down in their daily business and don’t take much time for learning (except some training from the standard course catalog). The second insight is much more delicate. In order to learn you need to go outside your… Weiterlesen »Treasure 30 – Learning, conflict, entrepreneurship

Treasure 27 – Goals and Books

Nugget #1 is another text from Förster & Kreuz, who I featured in Treasure 23 – Change, Marketing, Performance already. They collected five attributes of their most horrible workday. During the holidays many people will reflect on 2017 and derive some personal goals for next year. Often we have a hard time defining what they are.  I think it is very easy to say, what it shouldn’t look like. For me a horrible… Weiterlesen »Treasure 27 – Goals and Books

Treasure 12 – Reading lists

If you uncover this treasure right after its publication, I’m on vacation and about to board a cruise across the Baltic sea. This will allow me to work my reading list. That’s why today’s nuggets are reading lists. Nugget #1 is compiled by the folks from Gameplan A, an awesome corporate blog by adidas. I recommend to not only digest this reading list, but also check out their articles: 12… Weiterlesen »Treasure 12 – Reading lists