Future of business – What’s your perspective?

A couple of weeks ago, !me started a challenge. It’s about pairing people with different perspectives on the future of work and business. You just had to answer five multiple-choice questions (e.g. tend to yes/tend to no) and leave some more inputs as open comment. Then people from the same region with different answers were matched and invited to meet for a dialog on September 10. If you like the idea,… Weiterlesen »Future of business – What’s your perspective?

Treasure 10 – #nanotech, #businessromantic, #digital

In the past few weeks I read a book from Michio Kaku, which got me on the hook on nano technology. Nugget #1 is a TED talk about how nanotech will help to detect cancer in its early stages Joshua Smith – Nanotech to catch cancer early (12mins, video, English) Last week I shared a nugget about machines versus people. During last weekend I came across Tim Leberecht. He coined the… Weiterlesen »Treasure 10 – #nanotech, #businessromantic, #digital


Don’t you worry child…

I love electronic music. And I love Mashups. So today I present you the world’s first „new work“ mashup. I mix a song with another find about new work and create a new piece of inspiration. This weekend I came across the Symphoniacs. They combine a DJ with a chamber orchestra and play electronic as well as classical tracks. One of their tracks is Don’t you worry child, originally from Swedish house… Weiterlesen »Don’t you worry child…

Treasure 8 – #courage, #innovation, #vision

TGIF! Not because I had a bad week. In fact I had an exciting week with hosting the first Innovation Spark event at Texas Instruments Germany. TGIF because I can get you some new nuggets. Nugget #1 this week is an article from Tijen Onaran in the German Wirtschaftswoche. She describes why courage always pays off. Short article, to the point and 100% matches my attitude: Nugget #2 is a blog… Weiterlesen »Treasure 8 – #courage, #innovation, #vision