Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork

This week has been running fast, so time for the weekly treasure. Nugget #1 is a publication that shows how the world has changed by many charts and maps. One example is technological progress, starting with Moore’s law. But there’s also plenty of about health, population and more. You’ll notice that the world has changed positively. Many people have a different perception these days: Nugget #2 is for my… Weiterlesen »Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork

Treasure #2 – Remote working, complexity and lean startup

The first nugget is on remote working and is a podcast. Lisette Sutherland from Happy Melly already has 147 episodes full of experience reports, tipps, tricks and tools on remote working: The second nugget is a book co-authored by Line Jehle who I introduced in my recent post about remote working. The book is a collection of knowledge and tools for managers who are dealing with global dispersed and… Weiterlesen »Treasure #2 – Remote working, complexity and lean startup

Pass #3 – Does change need a vision?

Seems Hans-Martin and me establish a passing game on change. Here’s his response on my post  Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?: I agree, leading indicators are the ‚way to go‘, from a metrics perspective! From the behavioral side, sharing an inspiring vision seems equally important. How does this resonate with the basketball team analogy? I’m sure there is more to a basket ball team than ‚just the motivation… Weiterlesen »Pass #3 – Does change need a vision?

Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?

On Sunday I published my post on change.  My former manager Hans-Martin took the ball and passed it back to me on LinkedIn: Now, the big difference between the basket ball game and the business world is latency. Imagine, the score on the basketball scoreboard would show the result of last year’s match, not the current one the team is in? Imagine, all lights get turned off at the moment… Weiterlesen »Latency of change – What are your leading indicators?