F wie Feedback und Fledermaus

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Wer meinem Blog schon länger folgt, weiß dass ich ein großer Fan von Blogparaden bin. Durch die unterschiedlichen Beiträge zu einer Blogparade erhält man neue Perspektiven und lernt in kurzer Zeit einiges dazu. Sarah Biendarra hat vor Kurzem zur Blogparade Feedback aufgerufen. Als Führungskraft ist Feedback eines meiner wichtigsten Handwerkszeuge. Aber auch innerhalb eines Teams ist Feedback notwendig, dass es rund läuft. In meinem Beitrag Feedback – the oil for your… Weiterlesen »F wie Feedback und Fledermaus

Country Road

Big goals or small goals? The journey is the reward!

My schoolmate Daniel Wunderer recently invited me to participate in a Blog parade on goals. Olaf Kapinski started the blog parade in his live and lead podcast. The question he asked was: „Big goals or small goals?“ My spontaneous answer was „Neither of them. The journey is the reward!“. After thinking more through it, I think both have their benefits and combine very well. I’ll use a road trip or journey… Weiterlesen »Big goals or small goals? The journey is the reward!


My summary from #dreiCday

You might have missed my Monday „compass“ yesterday. Jetlag killed me on Sunday night, so this week I publish on Tuesday. I hope it was worth the wait. You’ll get a summary of the „CREATIVE COLLABORATION CULTURE DAY“ at Karlshochschule Karlsruhe, a non-profit conference organized by Christoph Thomas. The conference was a mix of presentations and open space. Digital Workplace unboxed Michael Koehr from Comunardo started the day with a… Weiterlesen »My summary from #dreiCday

Treasure 15 – education, innovation, digital transformation

Nugget #1 for this week is on education. Thomas Bachem, a LinkedIn influencer, elaborates why schools should get rid of grades. I agree with him that grades measure only how well you can repeat knowledge. We need schools who teach our kids creativity and courage. A quick read that invites for further discussion: Why we should get rid of grades (2min, Text, German) Nugget #2 is an insight into the startup accelerator… Weiterlesen »Treasure 15 – education, innovation, digital transformation