Treasure 14 – Innovation, community, happiness

My favorite nugget this week is from Alex Osterwalder. His article illustrates how corporates kill innovation and what to do about it. Innovation is on my heart right now, and the article is a great inspiration to further improve innovation in my company: 11 Corporate Habits That Kill Your Company’s Innovation Engine (5 mins, text, English) Nugget #2 is a quick read provided by Lisette Sutherland, who I featured already earlier.… Weiterlesen »Treasure 14 – Innovation, community, happiness

Treasure 7 – #digitaltransformation, #drone, #audio

Nugget #1 this week is a podcast. Ingo Stoll produces #MoTcast, the official Masters of Transformation Podcast. It is all about digital transformation, from digital leadership to business. This podcast was started as German podcast, but recently also features English episodes. My favorite episode „Climbing down the rabbit hole“ features Nolan Bushnell. A great talk about education, future, learning and gaming: Nugget #2 is for the drone enthusiasts among my… Weiterlesen »Treasure 7 – #digitaltransformation, #drone, #audio

Hello world (again)

Hi there, I recently had to re-activate my WordPress account for a guest blog I wrote at Mutbank. While doing this I stumbled across the blogging university and subscribed. So here we go with the first exercise of the university and I say hello world – again. There are three reasons why I would like to start blogging again: First and foremost I’d like to have a „diary“ to jot down learnings,… Weiterlesen »Hello world (again)