Treasure 29 – All about innovation

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Howdy folks! Today I’ll host our 1Q18 innovation day, so that’s a good reason to load the treasure with three nuggets on innovation. Nugget #1 has been authored by Reto Hofstetter et al. and published on HBR. The team researched crowdsourcing contests and compared the winner-takes-all approach with a multiple-prize approach. They found out that teams who didn’t win, didn’t participate in subsequent contents, showed lower effort or generated fewer ideas. I… Weiterlesen »Treasure 29 – All about innovation

Treasure 25 – Innovation and remote celebrations

Howdy! First I wanted to focus this weeks treasure on innovation. But as Christmas is coming close, I added a nugget for celebrating holidays with remote teams. Nugget #1 is from Andy Howard on Innovation Labs. These days every bigger company has an innovation lab, startup accelerator or hub. Andy describes why in many cases the activities are pure innovation „theaters“. I can’t agree more. It seems many companies have… Weiterlesen »Treasure 25 – Innovation and remote celebrations

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Alexa, how do I lead my team?

Last weekend I joined a Wevent in Berlin. Wevents are network meetings and „un-conferences“ of the network. If you want to learn more about Wevents, have a look here. In this post I want to quickly summarize my impressions and share my learnings. Every Wevent has its own flair and is a little special. This Wevent was the biggest Wevent ever and had two special tracks with prepared sessions… Weiterlesen »Alexa, how do I lead my team?

Treasure 21 – All about creativity and innovation

Nugget #1 is a collection of corporate innovation approaches by t3n magazine. They briefly describe the different formats from accelerators to startup scouting. It is a good starting point to understand the different ways how companies try to get their handle on innovation. In the next 2 nuggets I’ll feature two examples from German corporates. Corporate Innovation programs (6 mins, German, text) Nugget #2 is my highlight this week. GamePlan A by… Weiterlesen »Treasure 21 – All about creativity and innovation