Treasure 12 – Reading lists

If you uncover this treasure right after its publication, I’m on vacation and about to board a cruise across the Baltic sea. This will allow me to work my reading list. That’s why today’s nuggets are reading lists. Nugget #1 is compiled by the folks from Gameplan A, an awesome corporate blog by adidas. I recommend to not only digest this reading list, but also check out their articles: 12… Weiterlesen »Treasure 12 – Reading lists

Treasure 8 – #courage, #innovation, #vision

TGIF! Not because I had a bad week. In fact I had an exciting week with hosting the first Innovation Spark event at Texas Instruments Germany. TGIF because I can get you some new nuggets. Nugget #1 this week is an article from Tijen Onaran in the German Wirtschaftswoche. She describes why courage always pays off. Short article, to the point and 100% matches my attitude: Nugget #2 is a blog… Weiterlesen »Treasure 8 – #courage, #innovation, #vision

Treasure #1 – All about change & finding ideas

Here we go with my first treasure. If you don’t know what the category treasure means, you can find an explanation in the post New categories and publishing cadence. Since change had been the topic on this blog for the past 3 weeks, the first item is a collection of blog posts about change. Many of them are in German, but you’ll also find a few in English (search the page… Weiterlesen »Treasure #1 – All about change & finding ideas