Practice makes perfect

In Germany we have a saying „Übung macht den Meister“, which roughly translates to practice makes perfect. I’m still far from perfect in blogging, but after about nine months I can see a training effect. With 2017 ending I want to take the opportunity to reflect on my progress and share my learnings. Train your writing muscles I never liked writing and thought my writing is awful. In first quarter… Weiterlesen »Practice makes perfect


Baba – Sink your ship before others do

Today’s post is the second leg of my „pirates in business“ series. After I published The Wild 13 – team up like pirates I received an email from Hans-Martin. When he read about diversity he was reminded of the different characters in Asterix. And one character which came to his mind was „Baba“, the pirate who is on the lookout. As you can guess I found some analogies to business. Baba and the… Weiterlesen »Baba – Sink your ship before others do

Treasure 18 – Pay and design thinking

This week is about #NewPay, so I got two nuggets on this topic for you. Nugget #1 is a podcast nugget from Frank Eilers. He also participated in the #Newpay blog parade and produced a short episode on it. I fully support Frank’s key message: everybody is personally accountable for being paid fairly. Quit if you don’t think it’s fair. If everybody does that, we won’t see unfair pay anymore: New… Weiterlesen »Treasure 18 – Pay and design thinking


The Wild 13 – team up like pirates

On Friday I came across Guido Bosbach’s article about Pirates of work. No big surprise that the article quickly resonated with me, a company pirate. I would like to support and build on Guido’s theses to advocate for a pirate’s mindset in business. First I was thinking about a single post. But I don’t know my final destination yet. And as famous Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle said: „We cannot direct the wind, but… Weiterlesen »The Wild 13 – team up like pirates