Treasure 13 – Physics of the future

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Today’s treasure only contains one nugget. But it is a heavy one and with 600+ pages a long read (several hours/days). It is a book from the famous physician Michio Kaku. The book is called Physics of the future. I read the German version „Die Physik der Zukunft“. Kaku shares his vision of our life until the end of the actual century. It is not a pure crystal ball view. Most of… Weiterlesen »Treasure 13 – Physics of the future

Treasure 10 – #nanotech, #businessromantic, #digital

In the past few weeks I read a book from Michio Kaku, which got me on the hook on nano technology. Nugget #1 is a TED talk about how nanotech will help to detect cancer in its early stages Joshua Smith – Nanotech to catch cancer early (12mins, video, English) Last week I shared a nugget about machines versus people. During last weekend I came across Tim Leberecht. He coined the… Weiterlesen »Treasure 10 – #nanotech, #businessromantic, #digital