Future of business – What’s your perspective?

A couple of weeks ago, !me started a challenge. It’s about pairing people with different perspectives on the future of work and business. You just had to answer five multiple-choice questions (e.g. tend to yes/tend to no) and leave some more inputs as open comment. Then people from the same region with different answers were matched and invited to meet for a dialog on September 10. If you like the idea,… Weiterlesen »Future of business – What’s your perspective?


Don’t you worry child…

I love electronic music. And I love Mashups. So today I present you the world’s first „new work“ mashup. I mix a song with another find about new work and create a new piece of inspiration. This weekend I came across the Symphoniacs. They combine a DJ with a chamber orchestra and play electronic as well as classical tracks. One of their tracks is Don’t you worry child, originally from Swedish house… Weiterlesen »Don’t you worry child…

Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork

This week has been running fast, so time for the weekly treasure. Nugget #1 is a publication that shows how the world has changed by many charts and maps. One example is technological progress, starting with Moore’s law. But there’s also plenty of about health, population and more. You’ll notice that the world has changed positively. Many people have a different perception these days: Nugget #2 is for my… Weiterlesen »Treasure #4 – Our world in #data, #newwork

Get Inspired by the Neighbors – Future of work

I’m overdue on day 9 of the challenge – Choose a post that piques my interest and build on it. Yesterday we had May 1st. In Germany and many other countries we celebrate labor day. Nadja Petranovskaja used the opportunity and blogged about the future of work: The post was very straight, open and honest. Nadja was upsaid about the inertness of Germans when it comes to the future of work. She adds that… Weiterlesen »Get Inspired by the Neighbors – Future of work