F wie Feedback und Fledermaus

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Wer meinem Blog schon länger folgt, weiß dass ich ein großer Fan von Blogparaden bin. Durch die unterschiedlichen Beiträge zu einer Blogparade erhält man neue Perspektiven und lernt in kurzer Zeit einiges dazu. Sarah Biendarra hat vor Kurzem zur Blogparade Feedback aufgerufen. Als Führungskraft ist Feedback eines meiner wichtigsten Handwerkszeuge. Aber auch innerhalb eines Teams ist Feedback notwendig, dass es rund läuft. In meinem Beitrag Feedback – the oil for your… Weiterlesen »F wie Feedback und Fledermaus

Treasure 28 – Rebels, change, performance management

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Happy New Year everybody! After couple days of digital detox it is time for a new treasure and to start the new blogging year. Without further ado let’s jump into this week’s nuggets. Nugget #1 is a quickie from Marcus Raitner, a pirate at BMW. He elaborates on how to treat corporate rebels. I came across Tanmay Vora’s sketchnote last year already. I have it as a poster in my cubicle.… Weiterlesen »Treasure 28 – Rebels, change, performance management

Treasure 23 – Change, Marketing, Performance

Nugget #1 this week is a double feature and comes from They published two great articles on change earlier this year. German car manufacturer Audi decided to translate it and provided an English audio recording. So a great opportunity for my English speaking readers to learn why classical change management falls short and how to do it more successfully. By the way, I also wrote some posts for the… Weiterlesen »Treasure 23 – Change, Marketing, Performance

Treasure 19 – Community, Behavior, Digital transformation

Nugget #1 is from Steffi Tönjes. She shares ten great tips how to engage with your community. I like the analogy of a relationship and the featured image. A lot of the ideas can not only be applied to social media but also to offline communities: Hilfe, meine Community redet nicht (mehr) mit mir! (10 mins, text. German) Nugget #2 is an article from Tony Robinson on medium. Since I couldn’t find him on… Weiterlesen »Treasure 19 – Community, Behavior, Digital transformation