Practice makes perfect

In Germany we have a saying „Übung macht den Meister“, which roughly translates to practice makes perfect. I’m still far from perfect in blogging, but after about nine months I can see a training effect. With 2017 ending I want to take the opportunity to reflect on my progress and share my learnings. Train your writing muscles I never liked writing and thought my writing is awful. In first quarter… Weiterlesen »Practice makes perfect

Winner Podium

My top 3 articles in 2017

Only three weeks to go until Christmas. I guess many of you are busy on the last mile of 2017 goals completion. Probably you don’t have much time to read a new article. And I want to take the time to reflect on this blog project as well as set goals for this blog in 2018. I reviewed the stats of this blog to learn about the articles that resonated… Weiterlesen »My top 3 articles in 2017