Treasure 25 – Innovation and remote celebrations

Howdy! First I wanted to focus this weeks treasure on innovation. But as Christmas is coming close, I added a nugget for celebrating holidays with remote teams. Nugget #1 is from Andy Howard on Innovation Labs. These days every bigger company has an innovation lab, startup accelerator or hub. Andy describes why in many cases the activities are pure innovation „theaters“. I can’t agree more. It seems many companies have… Weiterlesen »Treasure 25 – Innovation and remote celebrations


NewWork – Lipstick on a pig?

In last week’s treasure I shared Tom’s article about happiness. Tom mentions unlimited vacations and other perks that just mask work that sucks. When thinking further about it, I noticed that many NewWork topics can be lipstick on a pig. This is an English phrase for dressing something up. Today I would like to highlight three „hot“ NewWork topics  and challenge if they really help you improve value creation or… Weiterlesen »NewWork – Lipstick on a pig?

Treasure 22 – Remote work and next economy

Nugget #1 is on remote working and collaboration. It is a TED talk by Nicholas Bloom. I like his assessment, that remote working can have a similar impact as autonomous cars. It fits quite nicely with the benefits I’ve described in What has remote working to do with ski touring?. Nicholas and his team also measured performance going up by remote work. Performance measurement is tricky to do, so not sure… Weiterlesen »Treasure 22 – Remote work and next economy

Treasure 20 – Remote work, change, innovation

I spotted nugget #1 at #dreiCday. It’s a video from Microsoft, which shows their vision of the digital workplace (if you can still call it a workplace). They show a digital nomad lifestyle, remote co-working and a high-end vision of digital collaboration. Pretty impressive! (7 mins, English, video) Aktivieren Sie JavaScript um das Video zu sehen.Video-Link: Nugget #2 comes from Claudia Mayer. Her article is about corporate change. I see… Weiterlesen »Treasure 20 – Remote work, change, innovation