Treasure 31 – Company rebuilding, Management

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The treasure this week is largely about company rebuilding. I guess this is what company pirates are up for!? Nugget #1 is a long read from Marc Wagner. He starts with the question, why corporates or traditional companies are loosing against startups. Other than in the past, big isn’t necessarily beautiful anymore. Focus on efficiency and bureaucratic organizations have led to a huge loss in agility. But these companies still have… Weiterlesen »Treasure 31 – Company rebuilding, Management

Wer jede Wolke fürchtet, taugt nicht zum Projektleiter

Looking for an English version? Here you go: If you fear clouds… Über den Beitrag von Thomas Michel bin ich auf die Blogparade „Projektleiter 2030“ des Projektmagazins gestoßen. Unter der Überschrift „Projektleiter 2030 – längst abgeschafft oder Schaltzentrale der digitalen (Projekt-)Welt?“ stellt das Projektmagazin unter anderem die folgenden Fragen: Doch wie steht es um die Arbeit des Projektleiters? Wie werden Projektleiter im Jahr 2030 arbeiten – werden sie überhaupt noch Projektleiter sein? In… Weiterlesen »Wer jede Wolke fürchtet, taugt nicht zum Projektleiter

Treasure 16 – Transparency, digital workplace, work

The last treasure was heavy on text, so this week the mix of nuggets is a bit more visual. And the good news for my English readers – All English. Nugget #1 is a thought provoking TED talk by Ray Dalio. He publicizes the idea of radical transparency to accomplish an idea meritocracy (16mins, video, English): I fully second the idea that we challenge our own opinions and also use algorithms… Weiterlesen »Treasure 16 – Transparency, digital workplace, work

None of your excuses!

Another day in the blogging university – Day Eleven: Use a Writing Prompt NONE is the daily prompt. I looked up the various meanings in the dictionary and came across this phrase: None of your excuses! This phrase fits perfect to my post from yesterday. When there’s change or uncertainty, we tend to see concerns, risks and good reasons to resist change. But in most cases this only prevents us from seizing… Weiterlesen »None of your excuses!