Treasure 118 – Remote work

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What are the basics for successful home office? How do I communicate at remote work? How do I get my remote team in rhythm? Since the topic of home office and remote work is hot these days, I dug up a few nuggets on the topic. Also here on the blog there is a large pool of nuggets and own articles. No matter if you defy Corona in the office or at home. Hopefully you are prepared for the next days and weeks.

Treasure 117 – Change

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Why and where do so many changes fail? Do we really want to get people on board? Does walking help with change? The year 2020 will be a year full of changes – for me personally, for the company where I work full-time and also for whole industries. So it was time to dedicate a treasure to this topic.

Treasure 116 – Tribute to Clayton Christensen

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Which approaches help in complexity? Why explore the new? What does it take for a successful life? Treasure 116 is dedicated to Clayton Christensen, who died on January 23, 2020. Nugget #1 – Which approaches help in complexity? Do you know Clayton Christensen? If so, it’s probably because of the book “Innovator’s Dilemma”. But more about that in Nugget #2 and linked in Nugget #1. But at this point I… Read More »Treasure 116 – Tribute to Clayton Christensen