What is this site about?

Many companies are struggling these days. Markets are saturated, entry barrier for competitors is low and some existing business models are dying because of digitalization. It also impacts the way we work. Businesses and organizations are becoming global and are collaborating across geographical and cultural boundaries. They are also looking for agility in order to keep pace with the dynamics of their markets.

Companies need more pirates to survive. It is not about robbery and violence. It is about the original meaning of the word pirate. According to Wikipedia the word pirate originates from the greek words πειρᾶν peiran „to attempt, to venture, to explore“ and πεĩρα peira„venture, attack“. Pirates challenge the status quo, explore new ways of work and stay agile.

Who are the pirates?

Right now there’s one pirate on the ship. You can learn more about Tobias on his social media profiles:

If you want to join Companypirate (e.g. for a guest post), just send an email.

What to expect on this site?

On Mondays you’ll find sparks on innovation, leadership and business. Published in the category Compass, these are my own articles and should inspire you to explore and experiment. Feedback is always welcome on how this worked out and new topics.

Every Friday you’ll find a treasure with nuggets about the future of work, business and beyond. These nuggets are interesting findings from my cruise through the web.



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